Forget Me Nots

Forget Me Nots. A documentary film by Dempsey Rice.

16 minutes 30 seconds.  2010

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FORGET ME NOTS is a film about remembering.

The act of remembering is so intrinsic to our experience that we usually don’t even notice it, we get to and from work, we drive to the grocery store, we recognize our family, and in this way we are able to navigate through our days. On a more profound level, remembering is the key to our identity – it opens doors though which we access the stories and experiences that make up our lives.

Seeing the film opens viewers to glimpses of the people, places and ideas that make up our remembrances but it also challenges the very nature of those remembrances. Memory is not fixed; it is an ephemeral, mutable thing that is in flux.

Viewers come away from FORGET ME NOTS reflecting on their memories and personal stories and motivated to examine them and share them. In this way FORGET ME NOTS can begin to build bridges and solidify connections between communities and people, with one’s self, with the past and across generations.