Daughter of Suicide: Response

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One cannot help but be deeply moved watching ‘Daughter of Suicide.’ But it goes beyond good dramatic television, by providing important public education about a life and death issue. Any person contemplating suicide who is fortunate enough to see ‘Daughter of Suicide’ will almost surely have second thoughts. And that could be life-saving.
– Dr. Fred Goodwin, Director of the Psychopharmacology Research Center at George Washington University Medical Center; Former Head of the NIMH

Dempsey Rice’s autobiographical documentary, Daughter of Suicide, is presented with such passion and honesty that the viewer will truly understand the emotional process one goes through as a survivor of suicide.
– Patrick Cody, Vice President, Communications, National Mental Health Association

Daughter of suicide is a profound, insightful and real look into depression, mental illness and suicide. This is an important film that a wide audience needs to see. I’m thrilled that it had its world premiere here, in Santa Barbara. I love it, it’s amazing!
– Chris Gilmer, Director of Programming, Santa Barbara International Film Festival

Thank-you Dempsey Rice for making this important film. Thank-you for braving to talk about the unspeakable.
E.M., Victoria, BC Canada

Your documentary was so true and touching.
L.L., Los Angeles, CA USA

I want to commend you on your documentary. It took a lot of courage for you and your family to share your lives so publicly. I lost my seventeen year old son to suicide in 1989 and since then have been actively involved with suicide survivors. I have three young ladies who lost a parent to suicide and when they viewed your video they found it very helpful. Thanks again for your courage and honesty. We desperately need to hear from sons and daughters.
M.N., Windsor, ON Canada

I ordered your movie after someone had recommended it to me from a group that I was in. I want to thank you for your courage to make such a film. It was so touching and powerful. Like you, my mother committed suicide when I was 18. Her first attempt was before I as before I was born. I totally related to your story in so many ways. … My heart and soul went out to you with such compassion while I was watching your film because those feelings are so real for me too. …
H.A., Manhattan Beach, CA USA

… Your mother did the best she could with what she had. I’m not going to make excuses for her, but I do understand her. I believe that you probably do too, better now than when you made the film. I really admire your courage in sharing your feelings so openly with others. I for one am very proud of you. I bet your mom is too.

Dear Dempsey…What a magnificent job you have done. I was lucky to see your film at the Gay and Lesbian Film Festival in SF last month, and was so deeply touched by the work your have done on your mother’s suicide and the art with which you were able to share your experience. I too lost my mother to suicide, (at age 11), in 1957, exactly one week after my 11th birthday. … I have gotten so much inspiration from your film to revisit all the ramifications of this event in my life and find a way to artistically express what this has been about for me all these 43 years. Thank you sooooo much, and I cannot wait for the film to be on video as I intend to purchase it and have a showing with my siblings who have not seen your film, and do not even know about it. …
L.S., Berkeley, CA USA

… Thank you for having the love of life and courage to share your story with the world. I know it saved at least one life, and I am betting many more. Keep up the good work. I hope that you find your peace, God Bless You.
A., Ocean View, DE USA

I just finished watching Daughter of Suicide … Its now another tool in my toolbox to fight against the darkness. I intend to watch you program numerous times. Thank you, it has had a positive effect on me.

I saw your film last night and can’t get it off my mind. … Thank you for having the courage to speak for those left behind. Good luck with your distribution, you deserve much success for what I know has been a lot of hard work.
K., Falls Church, VA USA