Daughter of Suicide

Daughter of Suicide

A documentary film by Dempsey Rice
72 minutes, HBO May 2000

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I was 18 years old when my mother killed herself and changed my life forever. Her death, and my struggle to conquer the effects of her suicide, has informed the fabric of my life – how I see, how I behave, and most importantly, how I feel. DAUGHTER OF SUICIDE follows me on a journey to get to know my mother and to understand her death.

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DAUGHTER OF SUICIDE tells my mother’s story as well as my my own. The film explores the thoughts, feelings, emotions and memories associated with her life and her death. It is my journey, but it also reflects the journey of many other survivors of suicide.

Throughout the film, I am driven by the desire to find closure. Instead, I integrate my mother’s suicide into my life and I realize that my connection to my mother is through friends and family and through my memories of a childhood before my mother became ill. I will never know the woman I discovered while making DAUGHTER OF SUICIDE, but I hope that our story will help others to survive suicide.

DAUGHTER OF SUICIDE premiered in May 2000 on HBO.