Daughter of Suicide: In The Media

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Dempsey, your ability to be that vulnerable and truthful in this [film], I think, is going to help many many people… I think you should be commended, it’s a brilliant piece of work.
– Rosie O’Donnell

Daughter deftly balances highly personal against larger mental health issues.
– Variety – read the full review here.

…viewers are in for an unforgettable 71 minutes.
– Video Business Magazine

Highly recommended
– Video Librarian Magazine

Daughter of Suicide is an insightful, emotionally charged documentary with a powerful message about suicide. After watching Daughter of Suicide, my girlfriend and I were choked up for hours. Not even a glass of water could wash down the emotional lump in my throat.
– Scott Toporov, Entertainment Reporter and Public Service Director, Fox 11 News, Santa Barbara, CA

Daughter of Suicide documents a seemingly archetypal family in which one person dies by suicide, but all pay the price. Excellently and courageously made by first time producer, director and writer Dempsey Rice, Daughter of Suicide delves unflinchingly into the heart and soul of suicide to show, in very real terms, the cost of our society’s tendency to keep mental instability behind closed doors. Everyone in America should see this picture.
– Russ Spencer, IFILM.net