IMNY 20 x 30-minute programs for the WNYE 2002-2003 television season.

Dempsey Rice, Series Producer for DCTV

IMNY was a journalistic adventure for and by New York City’s public school students, exploring the unique stories, neighborhoods and challenges of our City’s young people through a combination of first-person narrative documentaries produced by young people and interactive conversations between the youth of New York and relevant civic, political and social leaders.

Each themed episode featured three to four short documentaries told primarily from one young person’s first person point of view – they explored issues and ideas important to young New Yorker’s lives. Through documentaries and dialogue IMNY educated, empowered and createed a platform from which New York City’s youth could speak and be heard.

IMNY was produced by Downtown Community Television for broadcast on WNYE in New York City. This 20-week series of half-hour programs aired every Monday night during the 2002-2003 television season.